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Do you know the seven trends in Social Media in 2024?

1. TikTok will gain more popularity:

with more active users in the world.

2. Reels will continue to reign on Instagram:

20% of the people who browse are watching reels

- Play music from the platform,

- The first 5 seconds of a reel must be attractive

- Subtitles are essential

3. Social Media SEO (positioning):

2024 will be the beginning of social networks being another search engine since most young people use these channels more to do their searches.

Search Ads Toggle is TikTok's new creation for searching*

(Can be used to appear in the first searches on TikTok)

4. Threads is here to stay

Threads became the product with the fastest market adoption in history, with 100M users in just five days. This had a direct impact on Twitter, whose traffic was reduced by 5%

5. Social Listening:

A basic Analyze what the public says about your brand on social networks to know its image and the company's strengths and weaknesses according to consumers.

- Identify new clients

- Gain authority

- Learn more about the competition

- Find new profiles or collaborators

- Receive real reviews

6. Branded content:

create eye-catching and creative content

7. Chatbots on social networks

- Spanchat has My Ai

- Meta also has interaction with a wizard

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